DIMONIS Mallorca
DIMONIS Mallorca
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DIMONIS Mallorca

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The Devil, in the general Christian tradition, symbolises all the evil and vileness of humanity: everything negative, damaging and sinister; everything that terrifies and confuses us and which leads down a wayward path. Nevertheless, in the Mediterranean region, its figure veered towards less sombre and malicious peculiarities, becoming a more jokey and playful being, capable of being tricked and subdued by humans. In this cherished corner of the world, the Devil has acquired a more entertaining and daring nuance, undertaking a liberating function regarding the social norms and against the monotony and rigidity of our daily lives.

Photographs: Lucio Valmaggia.


    208pages. Bound in soft cover, size 216 x 163 mm
    Multilingual edition: Catalan-Spanish-English-German

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