Privacy policy


Their privacy is very important to us, so we explained to them through this document the data we collect from users, how we use it, why we use it, and so on. Children over 14 years old can be registered as users without the prior consent of parents, guardians or legal representatives. For minors under 14 years of age or who are determined to be "legally incapacitated", we always need to obtain the consent of parents or guardians or legal representatives.

In order to understand the situation, we will never ask for more information than is actually needed for the required services; we will never share this information with third parties unless we have a legal obligation or prior authorization from them; we will never use their information for other purposes not specified in advance.

As a user, as long as you enter your personal data, you must read this privacy policy carefully from time to time, as the document may be modified because the provider may modify any type of online information in order to comply with the regulations or update the policy, Moreover, it is sufficient to publish on the provider's website without prior notice to the user or to make the user aware of these obligations.

Responsible for the treatment

Identity: Triangle postals s.l (so is the provider)

NIF: B07694805

Postal address: Carrer de Pere Tuturi,No.8,07710 Sant Lluis,(Baleares)


Data protection representatives: Cabinet of Orfila assessors s.l

Contact DPD:

Triangle Postals S.LResponsible for the website in accordance with regulation (EU) No. 2016 / 679 of 27 April 2016, Organic Law No. 3 / 2018 of 5 December and other existing laws on the protection of personal data and Law No. 34 / 2002 of 11 July 2016, The Ministry of information society affairs and electronic commerce informed the committee that it had taken the necessary technical and organizational security measures to ensure and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data entered.

3、 Data collection and data collection methods: The data we collected and how we got it are as follows:

  1. Pass, pass Contact form(name, email, age, telephone)
  2. Pass, pass a registration formName, email, age
  3. Pass, pass Subscription form of communication(name, email)
  4. Pass, pass Last photo(name, email)
  5. Pass, pass Signature and / or comments In the same name, email,
  6. Pass, pass Download contentName and email
  7. Through the data collection form of the economic community of West Africa: name, address, email, age, telephone number, bank data or credit or debit card information

Specially protected data categories are not included.

Purpose of treatment

Their personal data should only be used for the following purposes, subject to their consent for each of the purposes listed on the relevant website:

  1. contact information: 1. Reply to inquiries and / or provide users with information required;
  2. a registration formNote that it is used to create a user account and access network functions;
  3. Subscription form of communicationPay attention to the delivery of commercial advertisements by e-mail, SMS, social groups or any other electronic or physical media with the explicit consent of users;
  4. Last photo(let him participate in our website)
  5. Signing forum and / or commentary On the same forum: users can express their opinions, ask questions or answer questions in the forum after discharge.
  6. Download content as a memberPay attention to update the content and send it as a subscriber;
  7. If you hire service / purchase We will ask you for your information through our website, including your name, contact information and credit or debit card information.
  8. Other purposes:
  • 3. Carry out necessary commercial, administrative, tax and accounting activities according to the current laws;
  • 2. Understand their opinions and improve network services;
  • 2. Network analysis and customization through cooperative projects (mentioned in the cooperation policy);
  • Social network: the use of social network is specified in relevant chapters.

Use of photos: photos posted on the Internet are the property of triangle postal s.l., including photographs of minors, in which parents, legal guardians or legal representatives sign forms produced for this purpose by United Nations information centres with their prior consent. Minors are part of it However, the parents, guardians or representatives of minors, as the subject of minors' exercise of their rights, can indicate that they refuse to use the image of minors as long as there is a formal written request; in this case, the image should be pixel.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by writing a "low" subject in the email.

According to the system, triangle postal s.l. does not engage in spam operations, so the company does not send commercial mail without user request or authorization. Therefore, in all communications received from the provider, the user can revoke his explicit consent to receive our communication.

We do not process his personal data for any of the above purposes other than legal obligations or court orders.

Decisions affecting their data should not be made on the basis of automatic processing.

Legitimacy of treatment

The legal basis for processing data is that the person agrees to fill in the data sheet filled in for the purpose and when filling in the check cell.

Commercial or forward-looking offers of products and services are based on the required consent, but withdrawal of such consent is in no way conditional on the performance of the subscription contract.

This cannot be achieved without providing the required personal data or accepting the current privacy policy.

1. If there is a prior contractual relationship between the parties, the legality of performing administrative, tax and accounting obligations under the current law is: The existence of business relations Establish between the parties.

Data storage time:

Their information should be retained during their business relationship with us or during the exercise of their right to cancel, object to or revoke their consent. Even if we exercise their rights correctly, we must freeze their data properly within the statutory time limit stipulated in the applicable provisions.

Transfer or transfer recipient:

Triangle postals s.l. does not conduct any data transfer or communication within or outside the EU. The provider should only provide information to the security forces and law enforcement agencies in accordance with court orders or obligations under the law, but if there is possible evidence that the user has committed a criminal act, its ability to freeze or cancel the account will not be hindered. The information provided is only in the possession of the provider at that time.

The information you provide through this website will be stored on the servers of triangle postal s.l., which are purchased from companies that provide network hosting services. The processing of the entity data is regulated by the processing contract between the provider and the enterprise.

Rights of persons concerned:

As a user stakeholder, you may apply to triangle postal s.l. to exercise the following rights by submitting written materials to the mailing address on the front page, or to "Data protection: the rights of stakeholders" was chosen as the theme, And attach a copy of his ID card or any similar means required by law.


  • Right of accessNote: to enable patients to understand and obtain information about their personal treatment data.
  • Right of correction or deletionTake care to correct errors and correct data that has been proven to be inaccurate or incomplete
  • power of revocationNote that it is allowed to delete inappropriate or excessive data
  • Right of objectionNote: staff personal data should not be processed or the right to stop processing.
  • Limitations of treatmentNote that this means marking retained personal data to limit the processing of such data in the future in order to make or maintain claims.
  • Data readabilityPay attention to providing the personnel involved with the data processed so that they can be transferred to another person in charge without hindrance;
  • 5. Rights not affected by automatic personal decisions (including feature analysis) The right not to be bound by an automatic processing decision that has effect or significant impact

As a user, he has the right to withdraw his consent at any time. 2. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the treatment before withdrawal of consent.

If he believes that his right to protect his [...] data may be violated, he also has the right to appeal to the regulatory authorities. Contents (Continued)

Safety measures:

The information you provide will be treated in confidence. The provider has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures and protection levels to ensure the security of data processing and to prevent unauthorized tampering, loss, theft, processing or access based on the technical status and nature of the stored data. In addition, it ensures that the processing and recording of archives, programmes, systems or equipment, facilities and centres comply with the requirements and conditions for integrity and security under the existing regulations.


The language of this privacy policy is Spanish. Therefore, in the event of any inconsistency in other language versions, Spanish shall prevail. 

Profile analysis

Users visiting the site explicitly agree to use this general information for qualitative, categorical and data classification purposes described in the previous paragraph.

Social network

We told you that triangle postal s.l. might have a social network "The processing of data by persons who track (and / or make any contact or contact action through a social network) on the official website of triangle postal s.l. shall comply with this paragraph and the conditions of use. 3. Privacy policies and access rules accepted by users in advance, belonging to social networks and applicable on a case by case basis.

Triangle postal s.l. will process its data in order to properly manage its presence in the social network, report on the activities, products or services of service providers, and any other purposes that may be permitted by the social network regulations.

The following contents are prohibited:

-Be accused of being illegal or engaging in illegal activities or violating the principle of good faith under national, community or international law.

-Infringes upon the fundamental rights of individuals, violates network etiquette, interferes with or may generate negative opinions among our users or third parties, and generally speaking, anything that triangle postal s.l. considers inappropriate.

-Generally speaking, it violates the principles of legality, honesty, responsibility, protection of human dignity, protection of minors, protection of public order, protection of privacy, protection of consumers, intellectual property rights and industrial property rights.

In addition, triangle postals S.L reserves the right to withdraw content deemed inappropriate without prior notice.

Anyway, it's you When personal information is transmitted through social networks, triangle postal s.l. will be exempted from the responsibility for the security measures applicable to the platform. If users want to know about these measures, they must refer to the specific conditions of the network.


Subscribe to blogs

If the user subscribes to the group, we inform you that the data provided will be processed to manage the set of information that the user subscribes to the notification update, and will be retained as long as both parties are interested in keeping the end of the treatment. If the data is no longer needed, it should be deleted with appropriate security measures to ensure that the data is forged or completely destroyed. Except for the legal obligation, the information shall not be disclosed to a third party.

 4、 Participate in the Forum

If users wish to participate in the online forum, we inform them that the data provided will be processed to manage participation in the forum. Any record or transmission of personal data provided by users of this forum means a clear understanding and acceptance of the legal notice and privacy policy contained on the website. As long as both parties are interested in continuing processing and it is no longer necessary to continue processing, the data should be retained while appropriate security measures are in place to ensure that the data is pseudo macedonianized (if any) or completely destroyed. These publications will be made available to forum users online.

Triangle postals s.l. is not responsible for any content entered by any registered user on the forum. What is published is only to express the author's point of view. The commenter agrees not to use this blog to publish or link defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, offensive, abusive, spam or similar content against adults or infringing copyright or law and public order. If the host thinks that the rising remarks will damage and / or infringe the rights or laws of others, they can be deleted without explanation.

Publish their testimony

If users wish to express their opinions on the website, we inform users that the data provided will be processed to meet the suggestions, experiences or opinions about the products and / or services and post them on the website to help other users. As long as both parties are interested in continuing processing and it is no longer necessary to continue processing, the data should be retained while appropriate security measures are taken to ensure that the data is falsified or completely destroyed. Witnesses will be posted on our website The only personal information released is the name of the witness.

2、 Changes to this Privacy Policy

Triangle postals S.L reserves the right to modify existing policies to accommodate new legislation or precedents.


Triangle postals s.l. may at any time give notice of the consent expressed by the parties in processing and transferring the data in accordance with the conditions set forth in this policy for the exercise of rights. Such revocation shall not be retroactive under any circumstances.


In general, the relationship between triangle postals s.l. and the telecommunication service users on the website is governed by Spanish law and the jurisdiction clearly defined by the parties. The courts and courts of the Balearic Islands have the power to resolve all conflicts arising out of or involving their use.

In general, the relationship between triangle postals s.l. and the telecommunication service users on the website is governed by Spanish law and the jurisdiction clearly defined by the parties. The courts and courts of the Balearic Islands have the power to resolve all conflicts arising out of or involving their use.